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Hi there!

Welcome to HeartyGrabs. I’m a young chef and this is my initiative to make the food on your plate a little healthier, a little tastier, and a whole lot of fun.


Ever since I was able to climb up the kitchen slab, I have loved to play with food. As a child, I was never a fussy eater, loved all kinds of food and jumped at the first opportunity of trying my hand at cooking.


As I grew up, I decided to turn my hobby into my profession. I moved to Mumbai to pursue my bachelor’s degree in Hospitality and Hotel Administration from the Institute of Hotel Management, Mumbai. Catering to my gluttony, I ended up trying a new outlet every day—from street to gourmet food. It was my love for exploring new tastes that, in turn, made me discover new parts of the city I now called home.

But the thought still lurked at the back of my head. Was I eating right? Was this habit healthy at all? How many calories did I consume? I would skip meals to keep the balance (and make sure I fit into my 'S' sized clothes). It wasn’t going to be easy to find healthy, appetising food on my shoe-string student budget.


I took it upon myself to be in-charge of my own health. I decided to invest in myself, before anything else. I cooked more often in my modest kitchenette, experimenting with healthy food options… away from the regular daal, roti and sabzi.


After graduating from college and the whole party scene left behind, I moved back to Delhi to prepare for my postgraduate exams. But I couldn’t tie myself to the desk just yet. I did some research and enrolled myself into a happening bartending school, “Cocktails & Dreams” in Mumbai. I completed the six-month course in just four months and moved to Pune to work with a European bistro. I learnt a lot from my team, greatly inspired by the chef who I worked with.


My aspiration to start my own venture kicked in, and I decided to set it up closer to home. I thought HeartyGrabs could quench the thirst of chowhounds like me, who crave for healthy, appetising and affordable food. So here I am, sharing my culinary skills and the joy of eating with you all.

Head over to the Menu section to learn about our tailor-made offerings, one that suits every chowhound, their health and their occasions! Let’s have some (healthy) fun with our food.

                                                      "Viva La Vida"